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#DoingTheWork: The Theory of Self Love

#DoingTheWork: The Theory of Self Love

By Shahida Sade` Muhammad

Self love – we all claim to have it, want to embody it, or are told we need to acquire it, but what is self love really? How do we develop and practice it?

I’ve been asking myself these questions a lot lately. The more I mature and observe, I see that it’s not possible to truly love others, if you’re perception and relationship with yourself isn’t where it needs to be. Cliche as it may be – it all starts from within. Although I consider myself to be a confident person for the most part, I’m not immune to insecurities and self-doubt, which is why I’m willing to dig deeper and improve. There’s always room for growth, and this often calls for critical introspection into the not so pretty sides of ourselves we try to ignore and taking the initiative to embark on the necessary steps to change for the better (hence: doing the work).

The concept of loving yourself seems simple, but there would not be an industry of self-help books surrounding it if people weren’t out of touch with the “how to?” part.

The biggest question in my mind when it comes to this subject is: how did so many of us get here? Here meaning the space where we’re not apt to practice this critical principle of emotional and physical health.

… my theory: we’ve fallen out of touch with the Infinite.

If you’re not a religious person, don’t run. I promise, this is not sermon or baptism into my belief system. However, if you feel there is a Higher Power or a Creator, we can start there.

Imagine creating the human being only to have us constantly look everywhere else for our sense of worth and purpose. It’s easy to fall into this habit when most of us have been socialized from day one to find validation from other people and material things. As a teenager, I remember moving away from my Faith because of disappointment and contradictions in the actions of others. During this time, I was often in a place of internal strife, yearning for the acceptance and approval of my peers, yet I would always turn to prayer when going through serious challenges. Even in my dismissal of organized religion, I recognized that I needed to seek assistance and clarity from my Creator.

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