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Discover Your Gift and Find Your Purpose In Life

Discover Your Gift and Find Your Purpose In Life

By Mikal X


Do you know your purpose in Life? Do you know what you’re born to do, your reason for being? I’m learning every human being’s purpose falls within one of these categories: Helping, Teaching or Creating. Think about it. Every job on this planet is either helping someone, teaching someone or creating something for someone. You may say you’re all three or you want to choose two. That’s fine. We all can be good at more than one, and they all relate to each other. However, consider these words from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan when he said, “Pursue that which you Love and that which you do Best”. Our pursuits should lie between the thing we love to do and do best. Therefore, out of your and my list, which one do we love and which one would be at the top two slots?


The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that every human being should know what they’re born to do by the age of six. If you think back, we probably already knew our purpose. I can certainly bear witness to this statement. Either I had a super creative imagination, I was always helping others, or people would come to me to help them resolve their problems.


Some of us have names that carry meaning. In Islam we learn that God has 99 Attributes, Characteristics or Names . The Merciful, the Wise, the King and so on. If you look at all of God’s attributes they either deal with Helping, Teaching or Creating. If you’re wise, what can you do with wisdom? If you’re a protecting friend, what can you do for those you care about? If you’re one who is worthy of praise, what will you make or create that people will be awe inspired by? Don’t assume if you pick one you’ll be limited, because out of 7 billion people on the planet, how many do you think need help? How many Need to be taught something? Out of a universe that has a diameter of 76 Quintillion miles, how many things do you think can be created? Infinity? So these fields are vast and endless and every one of us has a unique Gift, buried within from the Creator that gives us a reason for being. Someone on this planet has a problem and we were born to answer that problem. They’re waiting for you and I to discover our reason for being to help them and teach them something to enlighten them in their growth.


One last point I think we should ponder: We learn in biology about our journey as a sperm. Have you ever seen a picture of what sperm looks like? It has a head with a tail. How many sperm do you think is in one shot traveling via the vaginal tract to get to the egg? They say it’s hundreds of millions of them, sometimes billions! But out of that number only a few make it to the egg. Out of that few how many become you and I? One. So every human you see, no matter their status or condition, was the only sperm that beat a hundred million plus other sperm and made it to the egg. We won that race. We also learn that the vaginal tract is a hostile environment that works against the sperm and not for it, which is why many die off. If the sperm has yet to develop a brain, how does it know exactly where to go? Inside is the consciousness of God guiding the sperm to the egg.


We must find our reason for being. We must grow in knowledge so we continue to evolve our purpose to higher levels and degrees. We must get busy so that after our bodies are physically laid in the earth and the energy returns to the Source, our names and what we did can be passed on to those who will further build on it, and what we have left will continue to live on beyond the grave. May God bless us all, and I pray this helps you in your quest to discover why you were called to be alive in this Time.
“Whatever comes most natural and easiest to a person, is more than likely what that person was born to do”. – The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

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(Mikal X is a Hip Hop Artist/Emcee/Rapper, Poet, Motivational Speaker, and has a  passion helping youth find their purpose in life.)

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