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Dietary Deception: Fast Food = Slow Murder

Dietary Deception: Fast Food = Slow Murder

Ebony S. Muhammad (@EbonySafiyyah): Most of America dine at fast ‘food’ restaurants. It’s convenient, inexpensive which bodes well in these difficult times in the economy.

Yet, what is served in these fast ‘food’ establishments has been questioned. A girlfriend of mine said to me, “How is it that when I go to a grocery store they charge about $6 or more for ground beef but you can get a burger at McDonalds for $.99? They CAN’T be serving real beef burgers for $.99”, she said. She made a very good point. 

How would you respond to her question and statement? What other fast ‘foods’ besides burgers are questionable as being real food? 

What chemicals are in these products to make them taste like food? How are these chemicals affecting our health? 

Why are there so many of these establishments if there are concern? 

What are some healthier, economical alternatives? What about convenience in a society where both parents work or the mother is the head of household?


Dr. Akili Muhammad (@Keystro): Whether people understand or not, there is a conspiracy to destroy Black, Brown and poor people! If we disbelieve that reality, then we should read the story of Moses and Jesus and pay close attention to the conspiracy to destroy them! Again, if we scientifically analyze what fast ‘food’ and restaurant eateries are serving, it cannot be classified as food. With careful evaluation, the garbage that is being sold is aimed at destroying our reproductive systems and our overall health to maintain a medical industry.

Scientifically, how can a business afford to sell ‘food’ for cheaper than what you buy in a grocery store and make a profit? The only way that is possible is if the fast ‘food’ is the worst quality. So the ‘food’ is highly preserved, highly colored and additives that can make paper taste like a steak.

Food is high science these days. If we start evaluating what we are putting in our mouths we can only come to one conclusion: we are being slowly killed(murdered) ! We as a people must return to the wisdom our parents and grandparents used. Beans and rice kept many generations alive. Navy beans can be prepared on weekends and the major stable of your meals for the week is available with other dishes that take a shorter time.

We must understand that if we don’t eat, we will die. We must analyze that statement to understand the importance of what we eat and why How to Eat to Live is a profound life saving gift! It is impossible to go in to details of course in this interview, but I could expound on all of these points and questions because a man, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad,  who only finished the 3rd grade teaches me every time I read the book!


To learn more about how food is being used to depopulate America as well as Third World Countries AND to learn what solutions are available  watch Part 36 of “The Time and What Must Be Done” by the Hon. Louis Farrakhan (@LouisFarrakhan).



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