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CHILDREN OF THE MOST HIGH: Minister Farrakhan Elevates Women During Historic Address

CHILDREN OF THE MOST HIGH: Minister Farrakhan Elevates Women During Historic Address

Source: Brother Jesse Blog

by Fudia Muhammad 


The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s detractors and professional distractors are intentionally choosing to seize on what amounted to approximately three minutes of a two and a half hour-long address given by the Minister in commemoration of the 23rd Anniversary of the Million Man March.  On Sunday October 14th at the newly renamed Aretha Franklin Amphitheater in Detroit, Michigan, Minister Farrakhan addressed a live audience of nearly six-thousand and potentially millions worldwide via webcast.  He covered a wide-array of topics, from details about the Nation of Islam’s origin in the city of Detroit – to the controversy about his attendance at Aretha Franklin’s funeral – to Kanye West and R. Kelly – to the Kavanaugh hearings, President Trump, the Catholic church scandal, unusual weather and so much more.  However, the enemy would have us to believe that he spent the entire two and a half hours focusing on Jews – nothing could be further from the truth.

Fudia Muhammad

The fact is, the Minister’s keynote was far-ranging; but there was an unmistakable theme that flowed throughout this historic address – the sacredness and value of the Black woman was front and center.  The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said, “One of the things that Master Fard Muhammad taught us was the respect and protection of the Black woman, the Muslim woman – our women!” His message of reverence for the womb of the woman and her sacred role in the future of our Nation and the world resonated with those in attendance.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan challenged both men and women to begin to view women through a divine lens, as God sees them.  “Women are sacred,” he declared.  He said to the Brothers, “When you see a woman you like, don’t try to get in her pants…you must never be a destroyer of your women.” He said that a woman does not become a bad woman until she is spoiled by a no-good man. By the very nature of her creation, “every woman is a one-man woman.” The Minister told the Sisters that they should not want men to lust after them, “Because after the lust is over, then what?” He reminded everyone that all of this is the work of Satan who knows how to make mischief with created things. Allah (God) created the man and the woman to be naturally attracted to one another, but Satan encourages us to physically give into that attraction without first searching the mind and heart of the person.  The Minister stressed, “If you want some joy in your life, you need the right woman in your life.  If you want success, you need to make the right choice for a man and a woman.”

During his address, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan also took time to share his thoughts about Professor Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, where she recounted details about her (alleged) sexual assault by Judge Brett Kavanaugh when they were teenagers.  The Minister said he was moved to tears listening to her relive her experience.  He said, “No man should take from a woman what a woman does not want to give…One of the worst things that a man could do is abuse a woman, take advantage of a woman or a little boy.” He went on to say, “When you dog a woman, nobody seems to give a damn how much a woman suffers.” He said that Mrs. Ford is a sign of Black women and women all over the world who have been ravished and raped. The Minister reminded the audience that it was a Black woman, Tarana Burke, who started the #MeToo Movement.  He said, “There will never be a change in the world until women rise from the condition that male authority has put them in.  Women are rising all over this planet!”

The current rise of women is in direct response to the misuse and abuse of power by men in authority.  During his message in Detroit, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan admonished the behavior of men, “We have damaged our wives, our children and each other.” He cited the Bible which reads, “A virtuous woman is more valuable than silver and gold.”  Then he rebuked, “Now all of us would like to have a mound of silver and a mound of gold, but we are busy everyday destroying the virtue of women.” He said to the Brothers, “We don’t know how to handle women that are intelligent, that are go-getters; that are young, gifted and Black.  We don’t know how to handle that.” He mentioned that Brothers have not been faithful to anything and warned, “If you are not faithful to your wife, how in the hell are you going to be faithful to God?”

Photo by Andrea Muhammad

Women were also encouraged to take responsibility for their personal ill-treatment of self and others.  The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said that the sacredness of women must be recognized by women.  He said that Sisters should never refer to themselves as a b*tch; and should never refer to another woman as a b*tch.  He also challenged women to rethink Roe v. Wade: “You should be against abortions delivered because of our indiscretion and our unwillingness to take responsibility for our actions…When you kill the fruit of the womb, you may be killing the answer to your own prayer.”

The Minister went on to embolden women to guard their virtue, “The vaginal tract of the female is the road to the workshop of God…You’re not some cheap thing for men to use for pleasure and discard.  You’re the woman of God.  You make a future for us. We have no future except that future comes through a woman…We need to guard that special place and make death for those who violate it! You are a sacred woman.  Every prophet of God came from your womb – every scientist, every great mind, every great man, every great woman came from your womb!”

This is the same man that the enemy lies about and calls a misogynist.  The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s words are not the sentiments of one who hates women. This is a wicked label from a relentless enemy who intentionally misrepresents the Messenger of God, hoping we will abandon him.  Minister Farrakhan was shaped in the womb of his mother to have a natural inclination of empathy for the pain and suffering of all women.  His love, adoration and compassion for women escaped no one who heard this historic address in its entirety.  As the Minister shared with the Sisters, “You are a universe within yourself.” We cannot take the Minister’s words lightly – his entire message was not only divine, but instructive.  He said that, “Love will cause you to search the man to find new things – love will cause you to search the woman to find new things.” We know that an elevated woman who depends on God will elevate her family and her Nation. So, let’s not get distracted by the detractors and miss a Mercy and divine lesson from God in our midst.



(Sister Fudia Muhammad is a member of Muhammad Mosque No. 64 in Austin, Texas. She is married to Student Minister Robert L. Muhammad and they have been blessed with four children. Sister Fudia holds a Master’s degree in Education – she is a writer, an educator and an advocate for God-centered child-rearing.)

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