[BREAKING] H2H Advice Columnist, the Ordinary Black Man says, “No topic is off limits.”

[BREAKING] H2H Advice Columnist, the Ordinary Black Man says, “No topic is off limits.”

Now things are about to get interesting! H2H Magazine is proud to introduce its very first official advice columnist who goes by the name, “Ordinary Black Man”.  Don’t be fooled by his alias. I, personally, have him on speed dial for moments I’m in need of a voice of reason, vast life experiences and REAL solutions that I can put into action on the spot! One of the things I appreciate about him the most is that he listens to what I’m not saying and will cut to the chase and give me honest feedback, sparing my ego as much as possible (smile).  H2H couldn’t think of a better way of introducing him to the readers than a mini interview. Without further delay, we introduce to you the Ordinary Black Man!


Ebony S. Muhammad (EM): There are countless “life coaches” and “relationship experts” among us offering advice of all kinds, and their numbers grow by the day. What will you offer that most of those who fit the above description don’t?


Ordinary Black Man (OBM):  Advice columnists that I’ve read tend to deliver advice that directs people to their available products. An advice columnist with seminars, DVD or audio sets available invariably routes those sincere and unsuspecting individuals – who have very important questions, issues and problems – to that which will likely make the advice columnist or their marketing company wealthier. Although no one truly knows the motives of another, I question whether these “life coaches” or “relationship experts” are really trying to help people or whether they are simply profiteers capitalizing on the wretched human condition. Instead, the emphasis should be on delivering real life solutions and answers to real life issues and questions, not making an individual “the eternal customer.” I’m different. I have no books to sell, no audio packages to sell and no seminars in which warm bodies are being sought after to fill the seats. I’m offering answers to questions in a manner that will help those seekers identify the power within and solutions that already exist.


EM: Who are you offering advice to? What is your area of expertise? What topics are you interested in covering?


OBM: I’m a human being offering advice to other human beings. I’ve learned much in my life through personal experiences, and other things I’ve learned by being a keen observer and a careful listener. No topic is off limits. I’m interested in whatever the people with questions  are interested in. Answers are all around us, and solutions are as vast as the universe.


EM: What is your approach to offering advice?


OBM: A thoughtful, logical and non-judgmental approach.


EM:  What has been your greatest disappointment in life and how did you overcome it? What has been your greatest accomplishment, and what did it teach you about yourself? 


OBM: No real disappointments, however, there are some things I look back on and, as my new and more experienced self, I may have handled things differently, or considered another course of action. No one goes through life without experiencing pain or disappointment, however, I also realize I operated in the manner I thought best, with the set of facts and circumstances that presented themselves.  I am still on the learning journey as we all are.

Arriving at the level of self-determination that allows me to see things for what they are and not what they appear to be has to be my greatest accomplishment. It taught me that everything needed to find solutions is already available to you, you simply have to find a way to access it, and there are times when others – intentionally or unintentionally – help you gain access.


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The advice offered by the Ordinary Black Man is intended for informational purposes only. It is not intended to replace or substitute for any professional, financial, medical or legal advice. For specific concerns, contact an appropriately trained and qualified specialist in the area of professional, financial, medical, or legal assistance.Neither Hurt to Healing Magazine nor The Ordinary Black Man are responsible for the outcomes or results from following the advice delivered in any given situation. You are responsible for your course of action, and the advice columnist, nor the publication accepts liability for any situation that may arise.

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Sis Tawon June 15, 2013 at 12:29 am Reply

Welcome Sir, I am glad to read your conscious thoughts.

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