Beyond The Veil Designer Edition: One-On-One w/ Kaja Couture

Beyond The Veil Designer Edition: One-On-One w/ Kaja Couture

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Publisher’s Note: The below interview is in preparation for the upcoming Muslim fashion event, Beyond The Veil. Below is one of the featured designers, Kathleen Muhammad of Kaja Couture.


Ebony S. Muhammad (EM): What does “Beyond The Veil” mean to you as a fashion designer and Muslim woman?

KAJA COUTURE (KC): When I think of the word beyond; it means to surpass a goal that may already have been predetermined.  So as a designer, Muslim woman, to have the opportunity to showcase KaJa Couture beyond what we were already accustom to is so phenomenal. This platform will allow us to accomplish leaps and bounds beyond what the fashion industry of this world could ever do for us.

Kathleen Muhammad, Owner of Kaja Couture


EM: Why do you believe it is important for Muslim fashion to be highlighted?

KC: It’s important for Muslim fashion to be highlighted so we can teach ourselves to embrace who we are as we are in all walks of life. Whether it’s in family, fashion, education, business etc. Embrace it, love it, empower it, own it!


EM: What impact do you see Beyond The Veil making among those who are not a part of the Faith?

KC: The impact I see Beyond The Veil making is friendships in all walks of life. Building a strong unit as women and girls, in One Sisterhood.


EM: How do you believe this fashion show will encourage other Muslim women and girls?

KC: My prayer is that this fashion show will be the stepping stone for other Muslim women and girls to move out on their faith and know they can still be beautiful, trendy, fashionable and modest all at once!


EM: If your fashion line could speak, what would it say? What unique message does your line contain?

KC: If my Fashion Line could speak, it would sing “I’m Every Woman”! What’s unique about KaJa Couture is any woman regardless of her faith, class, creed or color can wear KaJa Couture!


EM: What inspires your style? How long have you been designing fashion?

KC: I would have to say that being a mother of 4 daughters, all teenagers, is definitely one of my main inspirations. Designing and making our own clothing helps to eliminate the challenges of looking for fashionable modest clothing for their age group. I’ve been designing since the birth of my first child, for 19 years. They help keep KaJa Couture fresh and modern!



EM: When the concept of covering comes to mind, what feeling do you want women and girls to have, especially about themselves?

KC:  ASSURED CONFIDENCE! I want them to know, in the words

”But you are the models of the female of a brand new civilization. So model, put your garment on, check yourself out and model. Walk with you head up. Be proud of who you are. Don’t be ashamed. Wear your garment with pride, and wherever you are don’t be afraid to represent who you are.”

-The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan


EM: What can attendees expect to see on the runway from your line?

KC: Attendees can expect to see new Spring trends from KaJa Couture! They can also anticipate glamorous ensembles that they can dress up or dress down. Our pieces are very fashion-forward, uniquely made to celebrate the best of all women!


EM: How can readers see more of your items? What social media platforms are you on and what is your web site?

KC: Everyone is welcome to follow us on Instagram and on Facebook!




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