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There’s Beauty In A Black Owned Business: One-On-One w/ Maranda Yaameen

There’s Beauty In A Black Owned Business: One-On-One w/ Maranda Yaameen

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Ebony S. Muhammad (EM): Briefly tell me a little about yourself, your upbringing and how you discovered your talent as a fashion and jewelry designer?


Maranda Yaameen (MY): Thank you very much for granting me the honor to speak to so many beautiful women across the globe. For this grand opportunity, I am truly grateful!
I am Maranda Yaameen.  I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. I was brought up on Christian Faith, which led me to Islam at a very young age. At age 13 is when I discovered my love for fashion. With strength and confidence, I challenged my love for fashion by creating a career path as an entrepreneur. At the beginning of age 16, I learned to profit from my passion. Early on I used my skills, style and influence to leverage a fashion production company. My fashion shows were a success! There was no turning back! I followed the flashing lights that led me to Columbia College Chicago where I received my BA in Fashion Design.
In 2008, I started my jewelry making business as a hustle to help me pay for my private art school tuition. By God’s grace,  my jewelry business was a success! Shortly there after is when I began to master the art of sewing. I worked really hard to design a life worth living. Fashion is truly my passion. Fashion is a great industry to explore!
EM: As one who covers, do you find it challenging to specialize in the fashion industry and compete with the designers that sport a more revealing trend? How do you stay ahead of the competition?
MY: Naturally it is challenging to compete with your opposing peer. Fashion is revolutionary. In my mind, fashion is warfare. I am competing for the minds of women from all walks of Life with my fashion, lifestyle and brand.  I am challenged daily by the fashion industry when I set goals. The glory of what I do is overcoming the challenge. By God’s grace I stay ahead by focusing in on the problems and underlying issues in my very own community. Fashion is self-expression. We dress how we feel. I want women to feel empowered, important, strong and resilient!
A woman has the Power to bring about a nation. When we step out, the world should recognize our abilities to make the Kingdom of God manifest.
EM: What I find most admirable about you, along with your covered style, is your natural appearance, cosmetically speaking. Why is it important to you to model natural beauty vs. the over-the-top commercialized lipstick, eye shadow, foundation etc. ?
MY: Thank you beloved for your very kind words! It is important that I know what inner beauty is. I have to have that image in my mind every single day.  It’s so easy to focus on our outer appearance. Focusing on my inner beauty has granted me great health and pure happiness. My beauty is in my diet. As much as possible I eat organic everything. I love to drink 100% carrot juice for my skin, hair and nails. I use enhancers occasionally.
EM: You mentioned a while back about your take on success… You said that to be successful one must become “uncomfortable”. Can you speak more about that? What is your definition of success and what experiences in life have brought you through the path of success?
MY: Sure. Life is all about growth. Everything around us is improving. For example, technology is improving almost daily. We have more people becoming conscious with global knowledge and world news at their fingertips. We are also seeing more emerging women entrepreneurs coming to the forefront. The best things come to those who take the right kind of action consistently. Many of us get uncomfortable at the halfway mark or even at the beginning stages when we hit a roadblock. I believe that’s the perfect place to be to get inspired again and finish what you have started!
My definition of success is completing the task in front of you while planning for the future. There is nothing like creating your story and walking right into it. As I am accomplishing my goals, I am solving problems and I am breaking down barriers in my own mind while inspiring others which is so cool! I am inspired to go BIGGER and to give MORE abundantly every single day!
EM: What words of advice do you have for women and girls who are feeling less attractive because of what they see in magazines and online as the standard of beauty? How can women and girls do what you and many others are doing in redefining the standard and discover their unique style and strength inside out? 
MY: I would encourage women and young girls to discover their inner beauty and natural gifts. What makes them individually special? To gain long lasting beauty we must think beyond the physical manifestation of the standard of “beauty”. We must practice searching for something deeper than surface beauty. I encourage us to look inside! Let’s find out what we love. What makes us laugh and smile? What gives us butterflies? Practicing these exercises will create a different mindset that will attract beauty in every sense of the word!
EM: Is there anything else you would like to add? How can the readers learn more about you?
MY: To all of my warrior women, stay strong! Fight for what you believe! Rather it be family, health, career path etc. Remember you were born to WIN! Born to THRIVE! Every single day Shine Bright!
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EM: Absolutely Sis! Thank you so much for all you are doing in to contribute to blazing a trail in the fashion industry!
MY: Thank you for your time! God Bless.


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