The Face Of Fearlessness

The Face Of Fearlessness

It is more than obvious that a full on war is taking place against Black people. Our right to be who we are poses no threat except to those who wish to keep racism, White supremacy and injustice alive. From Jesse WilliamsCarmello AnthonyGabby Douglas, Colin Kaepernick, and many others who chose to take a stand against the above, the attacks are growing and spreading far and wide. However, only the fearless will stand their ground and that is exactly what these young South African beauties did!

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Trending under the hashtag #StopRacismAtPretoriaGirlsHigh, Zulaikha Patel and her classmates protested the right to wear their natural hair in school and stood up against racist White school leadership who had the nerve to tell them how to wear their natural hair! According to reports, these staff members made insulting comments, such as their afros looked like a “bird’s nest” and that it was “untidy” and need to be combed. Reports also stated that they were told not to speak in their native language, which these staff members said “stop making those funny noises”, but to only speak in English.  Reading these reports infuriated me!  If Black girls can’t feel beautiful being their natural Black selves in their homeland, it speaks volumes about the reach of White supremacy and colonization. These are children, and to make insulting comments to young girls in a world that is already promoting the European standard beauty in media and the “White is right” lies all day long, is further damaging! Thousands have taken to Twitter expressing their anger, which also sparked an online petition to overturn the racist hair policies.

I was so happy, excited and proud to see these young girls stand up and say NO MORE! They were willing to be arrested for their stance to be who God made them to be – FLAWLESS!!!! These young queens took to the streets, social media, and did NOT back down from these racists staff members or police.

It was one of the most amazing events to witness as a young Black and natural woman! I salute you all!!! May Allah continue to strengthen and bless you!!!

By the way Zulaikha  is only 13years old! Go head young soldiers!!! 👑👑👑👑✊✊✊✊ #stopracismatpretoriagirlshigh #southafrica

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