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#AskFarrakhan Sept. 26 Social Media Townhall: Exclusive Interview w/ Ashahed Muhammad

#AskFarrakhan Sept. 26 Social Media Townhall: Exclusive Interview w/ Ashahed Muhammad

Ebony S. Muhammad (EM): The Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan is most notably recognized for his bold and brilliant stance against injustice as well as for the mental liberation of Blacks and other oppressed groups.
How will the #AskFarrakhan Social Media Townhall event be an extension and continuation of his efforts? Why Twitter?

WIS-Twitter-LogoAshahed Muhammad (AM): As far as why Twitter? Let me start by saying I think it is interesting that Twitter and FaceBook and to a certain extent YouTube are all classified under the umbrella of ‘social media.’ So the thinking is that ‘social’ media is for photos, fun events, entertainment, dating and all that is implied by that word. As with all things, Satanic forces find ways to corrupt all things, so social media in particular, but the Internet in general, has also been used to spread falsehood, debauchery, filth, pornography and obscenity in a seemingly limitless manner.

The Minister’s use of ‘social media’ to receive questions seeking answers not only shows his vision and desire to reach the people with his message in all possible ways and using all possible methods, it also shows the proper use of ‘social media’ via the internet or any other communication method, which is to spread truth. I think the fact that the Minister maintains an active and engaging Twitter account is another instance in which the Minister is leading by example.

In my view, an unintended consequence of those who have developed and/or shared these communication platforms with the world is that people are able to do research, find information regarding current events, supporting global social justice movements and are expanding their worldview to include the tragedies and triumphs of their fellow humans all over the Earth. Truth and justice belong to all sentient beings. We are using social media via the internet as ‘truth traffickers’ so the word will, as MF Doom says: “spread throughout the boundless universes.”

ap_twitter_hq_logo_800.jpg.crop_display-300x221EM: This unique Q&A is Twitter based, therefore, it is apparent that the target population of viewers and attendees are those between the ages of 18-29.
How much of an impact do you calculate this platform will create considering this will be the Minister’s first time engaging the world in such a manner? How will he be able to relate to his viewers considering he is not within that age bracket?

AM: It is going to have an enormous impact on the age demographic you mentioned, and beyond. Just dealing with Twitter, there are over 100 million using the service, worldwide in 20 languages. As it relates to Facebook, there are over 600 million users. These are numbers that cannot be ignored. I’m not saying that we are going to reach all Twitter users in the 18-29 age demographic (laughing) but I am saying, it’s a start, and I am confident that impact will be easily observable and long-lasting.

Additionally, since the inception of his Twitter account, which has now been just a little over a year, he has regularly interacted with those following him on Twitter by answering questions they posed. The response to that has been impressive, so I think doing this on a larger scale gives us the potential to have an even greater impact. Minister Farrakhan has the God-given ability to connect with people of all ages, especially with youth and young adults, because although he may be critical of a certain type of behavior, he does not condemn them, therefore, his words are taken in and an immediate improvement is seen. I base that on my personal experience of hearing him when I was in that age bracket, and countless others who have been moved to action by his words. I also have directly heard this over the past two years, as the Minister has spoken at many colleges across the U.S.

EM: As the Moderator for this event you will be presenting the questions submitted to the Minister by those from all over the world. Will he have any idea of what questions will be asked, or will it be an on the spot world interview? What should the viewers anticipate in his responses?

ash hmlfAM: No. The Minister is never “prepped” for interviews like other Black leaders and politicians that I have observed. When I present the questions to him, that will be the first time he hears it, and the answer he delivers will be on the spot. Because Minister Farrakhan is such an important voice, with all that is happening in the world such as the Zionists pushing for war with Iran, anger directed at America’s foreign policy intensifying and spreading throughout the Muslim world, an upcoming presidential election here in the U.S., there’s no shortage of topics for us to explore.

EM: What level of planning and groundwork was and is required to host such a historical event? How much sleep are you getting now that we are less than 5 days out (smile)?

AM: A lot of planning, regular conference calls over the past few months, and ridiculous amounts of email. (laughing) But seriously, I consider it an honor to work with the highly professional and knowledgeable staff of The Final Call’s information technology department, FCI Broadcasting, the Nation of Islam’s special events department, as well as others whose specialized knowledge has been used to make this possible.

steve fcnEM: I was told a few colleges such as Spelman and Morehouse will be having a watch party and youth organizations will be in attendance. What other groups have confirmed their attention and attendance? What has the overall response been like? Are there any special appearances by supporting celebrities planned?

AM: We wanted to get the youth out, and so did Minister Farrakhan, so we’ve invited student leaders from prominent Chicago high schools such as Kenwood and Whitney Young, youth leaders from a synagogue, leaders from a mentoring group for young women and many other youth community mentoring groups and members of the hip hop community. I don’t have all the specifics regarding that aspect. At this point, I’m focused heavily on that which I am specifically responsible for on that evening.

EM: This event is set to take place at the Final Call Administration Building. As the Assistant Editor of the Final Call Newspaper AND as a student of Hon. Elijah Muhammad and the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan you understand the significance and importance of this occasion. Where in Scripture have you seen a similar gathering?

FCNABAM: I think it is a wonderful merging of the historical significance and presence of The Final Call Administration Building with the usage of modern technology. Unknown to many is the fact that The Final Call Administration building served as the primary meeting place and location for Minister Farrakhan to deliver his spiritual expressions prior to the reacquisition of Mosque Maryam by the Nation of Islam. The extraordinary history includes offices where Minister Farrakhan himself, and his wife, Mother Khadijah Farrakhan conducted the Nation’s business. At one time, long-time aide to Minister Farrakhan Brother Abdul Wahid Muhammad worked out of there, as well as the international representative of the Nation of Islam, A. Akbar Muhammad, and we can never forget the work done by the man who through his determination, skill and will, moved The Final Call newspaper to prominence, the late Editor-in-Chief Brother Abdul Wali Muhammad.

Twitter-bird-logo-001-300x180Scripturally, in Surah 27 of the Holy Qur’an, The Prophet Solomon was said to have been “taught the language of birds” and in other translations it says he “understood the speech of birds.” Scriptural scholars believe this could be a metaphor describing the ability to transmit and/or convey messages in various ways. It may not be a coincidence that the Twitter logo is a bird, however, I defer to the scriptural scientists among us to delve deeper.

Whenever I hear the Minister speaking to the college students regarding using their skills and talents to serve their people and build a nation, I am reminded of the words he directly spoke to me and many of my comrades, who now are working together to make this a reality. We were told the same things, and now we are doing it.

I am also reminded of the references in the Bible, Matthew 21 and Mark 11 where the Jesus gave the command to untie the ‘colt’ for the Messiah had need of it, then in Luke 19, he was said in various translations to be either riding on the ‘colt,’ or prophesying that the Messiah would come and be riding on a colt. We’ve been taught the colt, which is a young horse, represents the college student, which would mean that all of this has significance.

EM: As stated previously we are less than 5 days away…have you been in touch with Min Farrakhan? What has he shared as it relates to his level of anticipation and excitement?

ash hmlf 2AM: He is very excited about the event, in fact, he recently sent out a Tweet saying how excited he is.

EM: Is there anything else you would like the world to know as we approach this awesome event?

AM: I’ve been saying this over the past few weeks and I will say it here again to those who may not fully see the significance of this event. Think about prominent religious, political and/or historical figures you’ve read about, admire, and would have liked to ask questions of, and then consider the fact that you have the opportunity to question one right now in the present that is amongst us. Very important. Very timely.

EM: Thank you big brother, see you on Wednesday!!! 

AM: Thank You and see you there!



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