Appalling Philly “Stop & Frisk” Video

Appalling Philly “Stop & Frisk” Video

[Source: Gothamist.com]

After seeing Tweets by @DrAvaMuhammad and reading her anger regarding this video clip and after seeing it for myself, “Appalling” is ABSOLUTELY an understatement! Unfortunately, what you will witness taking place by these Philly police officers toward two young Black men is nothing new, yet those who are being harassed are now able to use modern technology as their defense and as a voice against “Stop & Frisk” aka “a license to brutalize Black people”.

At the same time, we have a solution and a Guide! Just as Dr. Ava Muhammad tweeted, “We must have some land to call our own! Hear Minister Farrakhan this Sunday in Tuskegee AL!”

With that being said, below the Philly Stop & Frisk video is the most appropriate song by my brother Jasiri X “10 Frisk Commandments”.

“10 Frisk Commandments” by Jasiri X 

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