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Ebony S. Muhammad is a Certified Thanatologist, one who studies death, dying, bereavement, and the psychological means of coping with loss. Ms. Muhammad has her Masters Degree in Psychology from Capella University.  She received her Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the University of Houston.  Ms. Muhammad’s professional background includes Forensic Psychology and general mental healthcare, of which she has assisted clients with Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder I, and Schizophrenia Disorder.

Ms. Muhammad is also a Certified Professional Dianetics Auditor (Gold Seal).


She is the Publisher of Hurt2Healing Online Magazine, a worldwide publication that offers resolution for real people, which originated from the Hurt to Healing march/rally against domestic violence and sexual assault during the 2006 Essence Festival in Houston, Texas. Hurt2Healing features interviews and article-testimonies from people of diverse backgrounds who have struggled through and overcame the harsh realities of life that many others are suffering from without guidance. Hurt2Healing takes a fearless approach to subject matters that plague both men and women such as drug abuse, abortion, injustice, health/wellness, relationships, entertainment and spirituality.


Ms. Muhammad’s area of expertise resides in digital publishing, social media, web design, graphics, photography, research and journalism.  Her work has been published in print and digital media outlets such as The Final Call Newspaper, Brother Jesse Blog, Rolling Out Magazine, Bauce Magazine and The Session Magazine. She has been a featured guest on numerous radio shows such as Liberated Sisters (Los Angeles), The Elevated Places (Chicago), Harlem 411 (New York), Majic 102.1 and All Real Radio (Houston).


Her most recent research study, “The Black Male Perspective on Intimacy” (Qualitative), gives an in depth view of Black men, from different walks of life, in intimate relationships and answers the question of whether or not they are interested in having fulfilling relationships with the Black woman.


Ms. Muhammad is also a Licensed Massage & Spa Therapist, Cosmetic Chemist and is the Owner of Origins Massage Spa, the first massage establishment to use food-based products and ingredients in all spa treatments. Her philosophy is, “If it isn’t safe enough to eat, why put it on your skin?” She specializes in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Prenatal, Trigger Point, Sports massage, Hot Stone massage, Facial Massage, body wraps and sugar scrub treatments.


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Ebony S. Muhammad, 
Publisher of Hurt2Healing Online Magazine
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“There is in this world no greater force than the force of a man/woman determined to rise”.


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