Welcome to Hurt2Healing (H2H) Magazine! H2H originated from the Hurt to Healing march/rally against domestic violence and sexual assault during the Essence Festival in Houston, Texas (Hurt2Healing March 2006).

H2H Magazine is a digital publication that has been described as inspiring, life-saving and cutting-edge. Known for it’s penetrating exclusive interviews, H2H holds to the principle that there are no subjects too heavy for discussion. A trail-blazer of its time that believes in taking a direct approach to topics that are intellectually and spiritually stimulating as well as issues that many choose to ignore exist. Here is your front row seat to a space that is sure to rearrange the way you think and see the world around you.

Aside from the harsh realities of life, H2H Magazine features a business section “Boss Status” that hosts profiles and articles from top entrepreneurs, public relations specialists, and marketing/branding experts.

Our publication opens its pages to discuss subjects such as relationships, health, our presence in entertainment and other issues that affect the world.

Topics such as Depression, Stress/Anxiety, Race, Fear, Anger, Addictions, Divorce, Domestic Violence, and Sexual Assault are some of discussion.

H2H Magazine features writers from Uganda, The United Kingdom and the United States. We would like to invite you to be a part of this world wide movement that relieves feelings of hopelessness to inspire the lives of many; as a supporter, sponsor and/or contributing writer.


Thank you for visiting Hurt2Healing Magazine!







Ebony S. Muhammad, Publisher


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