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A Radical Test Of Faith: One-On-One w/ Wendi J. Turner

A Radical Test Of Faith: One-On-One w/ Wendi J. Turner

Ebony Muhammad (EM):  Please tell the readers a little bit about the work you do.


Wendi Turner (WT): I’ve worked as a life coach, educator, minister, relationship expert and published author. I empower. I am a community leader. I’m a mother, sister and friend.


EM: You are preparing for a very serious journey and work in the next coming days.


WT: Yes ma’am. Next week I will begin a journey by car and foot, alone over 4,000 miles as a radical stance and sacrifice against violence, injustice and pain. Bottom line, I despise hate and rejection, in any form.

The goal the is 17 cities around the country.

God spoke to me, and the whisper became a resounding thud that I was to go on a mission and take a radical stance against hate, violence, poverty, sickness and hopeless. I was in shock, because He told me to do this mission with no safety net and He would show me how faithful He would be. Basically, if I go all in He’s going all in.


EM: When you reach each city, what will you do and how will you make yourself available?


WT:  I will offer meals, prayer, a conversation, hugs, encouragement and seeds of kindness.

In the video I sent out I ask for connections, so if someone says that I can come into a hospital they work in, a school and church or mosque, I will make it my duty to be there.


EM: Why do you see this a radical move?


WT: God is radical. He doesn’t just sit in a bubble. We sit. What I am doing is going as a Black woman on the road praying that I make a difference. If that means I have to sleep in my car or miss a meal, then I will do it in order to reach my mission in every city where I can touch down and touch the land that is hurting or is angry. I also plan to speak with gang members in various cities that I cannot disclose due to safety reasons.


EM: What will your meeting with the gang members be like?


WT: The fact that a black woman has walked to meet them, I believe would tug on some part of who they are. They have a heart, that’s what keeps them organized.

Sidebar: If you’re in a gang, you want structure, love and support. I believe by faith, that my faith will precede me and I can pray with them. I just have to get there.

I’ve lost everything that I’ve sacrificed for in the physical. Life is very different for me. Not by death or violence, but in the season of time. I believe this sacrifice is me going all in and giving back to what I cannot see.

There is no money, funding or backing. Anything that I receive is from the benevolence of others. Lodging, care packages, gas…




Even if they want to give cash, my son will come pick it up. They can call me or email me and my son will meet them.

281.803.8335 Call and/or text


I would love prayer, protection and support in these other cities.

I will chronicle this journey via social media via  Twitter  |  Instagram


My message is: Hope over hurt. Your life matters to me. If I die, I will take my last breath doing this.


Below are the list of cities and dates that I’ll be visiting (More cities forthcoming):

Baton Rouge, LA – July 31

New Orleans, LA – August 1-2

Biloxi, MS – August 3-4

Mobile, AL – August 4-5

Pensacola/Miami, FL – August 5-6

Atlanta, GA – August 7-8


Read more about Wendi’s Radical Test of Faith


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