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A Purpose-Driven 2014

A Purpose-Driven 2014

By Anisah Muhammad

Have you ever wondered, “What is my purpose in life?” Lord knows I have.  I think it’s safe to say that discovering your purpose in life then working towards that purpose is what almost every human being undertakes as a goal. Purpose is what gives our lives meaning. So, how do you know what your purpose is? How do you know how to utilize your purpose for the benefit of yourself, your family, your community, the whole world and ultimately God, Himself? 

I would like to quote Minister Farrakhan’s words that he delivered at a lecture given in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the beginning of March, 2013: “This is our time. You are indeed unique. There never was one like you before, and there will never be one like you again. The infinite wisdom of God is that he creates no two snowflakes alike, no two raindrops alike, no two blades of grass alike, no two human beings alike. Each of us is stamped with the uniqueness of the creator himself.” (

I can’t tell anyone of you what your purpose is in life because everyone has a different purpose, but here are a few tips on how to find purpose and how to utilize your gifts:


1. Find out the things you either love to do, excel in doing, or both. 

Everyone has a God-given gift or talent. Every single human being alive has a piece of God inside of self. For some of us, it may be easy to find that gift, that talent. Others may have a hard time to find and unlock those hidden gifts inside of each one of us. Some may dabble in a little bit of everything. Picture what you see yourself doing in future years. Find out what course you want to take your life on.


2. Call on Allah (God!) 

Allah is with you if you allow Him to be. Don’t be afraid to ask God to help you discover your purpose. Ask Him to help you to unlock those hidden gifts and talents within. If your heart is sincere, then He will respond. Just know that sometimes Allah (God) takes us on a path that we might not necessarily want to take but He wants to take us on. He wouldn’t lead you on a path that he knows you cannot find the end to.


3. Don’t let anyone undermine your confidence in what you do. 

I think we all can say that we have encountered envy and jealousy in this journey called life, and we may have even thrown a little envy and jealousy in a few directions. I believe that envy and jealousy is a part of the basis of insults and back-biting. Stop gossiping about someone else and instead, help and uplift someone. When someone throws envy and jealousy your way and tries to undermine your confidence in what you do, just know that that is probably a frustrated person who probably has not found their own purpose in life.


4. Utilize your gifts and talents for the cause of Freedom, Justice and Equality.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said it’s how you utilize your gifts that determine if you’re with Allah (God), or if you’re with the enemy of God. Allah’s Will in this day and time is to raise the mentally and spiritually dead to life. It is written in the scriptures that God will establish a Kingdom of everlasting peace. I think all of our gifts and talents can help in some way to establish freedom, justice, and equality or to help the lives of other human beings. Find out how you can use your life and your gifts to help out others. Don’t just live for your life, but be the benefactor for others.


5. Don’t lose faith if Allah (God) tries you with a few trials and tribulations before you are operating at your full potential!

After difficulty comes ease. God only throws at you what He knows you can handle. Overcome those obstacles, because in overcoming them, you are making yourself stronger. Here is an inspiring quote from the Disney movie, Mulan, “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.” Here is what I take this quote to mean: Those who can rise above misfortune, calamity, and/or affliction is rare to find, but the most beautiful, not necessarily physical beauty, but has the most inner beauty and strength inside. So, no matter what hard roads you travel, be that flower that blooms in adversity.


Unlock those hidden talents, call on Allah (God), don’t get down in the gutter, use your talents for the universal cause of freedom, justice, and equality, and don’t lose faith! May Allah bless you to find your purpose in life, as I am still on the path of finding mine.


Peace & Blessings,

Anisah Muhammad


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