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A Message to Stacey Dash and Negropeans of the World

A Message to Stacey Dash and Negropeans of the World

Ms. Stacey Dash, in the black community, you unfortunately are known as what some would call a “Negropean”. This is a coined term that is a mix between “Negro” and “European”. It is to describe black people who have a white-washed Eurocentric mind. They parrot white people’s ignorant rhetoric, while simultaneously indulging poisons of internalized racism against their own people. Do you fit this description?

Ms. Dash, I first noticed your attack on blackness when you went on Fox News and denounced black institutions and Black History Month. However, you were denouncing the very black media which made you somewhat relevant once upon a time. People like Roland Martin for instance, pulled up the receipts of all of the black magazines you posed for, such as Jet and Heart & soul. It’s interesting how quickly you switched sides.

I would like to respectively clear some things and address some errors in your criticism:

First of all, racism cannot happen to white people, especially not here in America. The problem with you and many other people is that you’re thinking of racism as only an attitude that anyone can have, when that is not the case. Racism is systemic, institutional, economic, and even social oppression based on race. Collectively, white people are not in any oppressive position because they’re white. Quite the contrary, they hold positions of power over people of color on those plethora of levels.

By Nzinga Muhammad
By Nzinga Muhammad

Secondly, The BET award show, and black history month , were created so that black people could finally have some representation of ourselves in media and a celebratory pride of learning our own forgotten and untaught history.

BET (now owned by whites) was a space so that we would not have to constantly look up to white people for acknowledgement of our uniqueness. We would acknowledge the talents and gifts and culture of ourselves . It gave hope and again representation to a people who have had neither in a very long time. But somehow that is racist? What’s worse: excluding black people and people of color in general, or creating your own safe space due to that exclusion? And white people receive awards from our award shows quite often. Not just black people get NAACP Image Awards or BET Awards. Ask Sam Smith, Justin Timberlake, or Iggy Azalea…

The reason why white people don’t have a month to learn about their history is because their history was not taken from them and their history isn’t excluded from American textbooks. Their history is not watered down to place inferiority in them. Our history is an elective, theirs is the default curriculum.

So Ms. Dash and Negropeans of the world, to say that black people are racist for finally loving ourselves more than the world does, is a big mistake.

Recently Ms. Dash, in your obsession with blackness for the wrong reasons, you have decided to come after our brother Jesse Williams who delivered an amazing speech at the 2016 BET Awards. You called his speech racist because it “attacked white people” and you even went as far as to call him a “Hollywood plantation slave”. This I find so hilarious, because what you’re doing for the approval and acceptance of white people is the very behavior of what Malcolm X would call a “House Negro”, who would always seek to please his/her master.

Jesse Williams gave an unapologetic speech on the reality of black people’s struggles. You would rather call the person talking about injustices “racist” than actual racism? So your favorite candidate, Donald Trump, can spew hateful and racist jargon to his supporters about people of color and you say absolutely nothing…But the moment a black man speaks up about black people to empower us, suddenly you and others are certified Racism Analysts . Now racism exists, right?

Ms. Dash, I hope you understand that what you say and do will only come back to you. But there is a positive to this: Your ignorance and the ignorance of others is only a reflection of how white washed some of our people can be. Thank you for giving us a perfect example of why we need to push black unity and self love even more! 🙂

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