5 Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage

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1.  Text your beautiful smile in the middle of the day.

(I just text to say I Love You!)  You can see his/her smile through your phone.

2.   Send small gifts to his/her job every day for a week.

ie.  A card through the mail, hand delivered rose, hand deliver chocolate covered strawberries. Think of their favorite things and let your imagination run wild.

3.   Date night.  Very important (especially if there are children) set a time and night.  DO NOT MISS IT!  If everything else is important, so is that night.

Plan it well.  It could be a nice night on the town or a cozy meal and movie at home.

4.   Set your clock for Midnight Madness.  A light snack, soft music and a back rub.  Awakening to the one you love is the best feeling, especially when it is unexpected.

5.    Be the first thing he/she sees when they walk into the home.  Nice, soft, gentle kisses can take your marriage really far.   It truly is the small things that matter in a marriage.


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